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Product Name:
Algae DHA 
Product Specification:
Product Efficiency:
Visual Function  Brain Development
The Main Composition and Content:
Value Algae DHA Oil      250mg
Organic Psyllium Seed Oil   150mg  
Product Advantage:
⒈Selecting natural raw materials,high quality and better effect.
⒉Natural seaweed extract DHA, does not contain EPA.
⒊With the unique seaweed flavor, no smell of fish.
⒋The extraction process is very complex, and the price of raw materials is 20 times as much as the DHA of the fish oil.
Product Function:
⒈To Increase the activity of the brain cells, enhance the ability to think, improve memory, eliminate nervous fatigue.           
⒉To protect eyesight and prevent myopia.                
⒊To Relieve mental stress and help sleep.
Applicable People:
⒈Student and people who is under great working pressure.                
⒉Mental workers

⒊Pregnant and lactant women.
Suggested Use:
Take one softgel daily, preferably with a meal.

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