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Product Name:
Product Specification:
Product Efficiency:
Supports Skin, Hair, Nail & Bones Health
The Main Composition and Content:
Chicken Collagen Type II  300mg

Aloe Vera 200:1 SD        32mg  
Vitamin E(as d-Alpha Tocopherol)1000IU/g 25mg
Product Advantage:
Selecting natural raw materials. Extracted the collagen from the connective tissue of the chicken, it belongs to the second generation of collagen products
Specially adding aloe and natural vitamin E, it can play a better whitening effect, keep the pace of youth, to keep the elastic, gloss, tender and smooth of the skin.
Product Function:
To keep the elastic, gloss, tender and smooth of the skin.
To remove the beverage and enhance the repair function. 
To light the hair.
To improve the immunity and promote the wound healing ability.
To prevent osteoporosis and improve joint health.
Applicable People:
People who have rough skin、wrinkles and want to improve the skin health. 
People with a skin scar, bruise and cut.
People who have osteoporosis, leg cramps and need to increase.
People with no hair, or no shiny hair, or a bald head.
Suggested Use:
Take one softgel daily, preferably with a meal

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